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We offer in-home lessons professionally.

Monday Music Education is your neighborhood music classroom based in the Boston area, Massachusetts, dedicated to serving the community by providing music education for all.
We offer one-on-one, in-home music lessons covering a variety of instruments, including violin, viola, cello, voice, flute, piano, music theory, composition, and more.
Patrick Wu is our music teacher


Build a strong foundation in performance skills through a combination of the Suzuki repertoire, various etudes, and scales.


Develop a practice routine that is efficient, enjoyable, and tailored to students' individual goals.


Emphasize rhythmic activities and ear training to enhance musical expression and understanding. 


Offer a personalized approach to learning, tailored to each student's unique interests, strengths, and learning style.


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Kate, Parent of Alex

"My son loves Mr. Mars' class very much! His class is filled with energy and little games that are designed for young kids to enjoy fun and dynamic cello learning."


(+1) 617-807-0459 

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