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Colton Slaven

Violin/ Viola

Specializes in: 

Classical Viola / Classical Violin

Colton started playing the viola at the age of ten, and studied under several instructors until he began attending the Interlochen Arts Academy under the instruction of Reneé Skerik.

He studied at the Academy for three years, before attending the Boston Conservatory at Berklee, where he earned his Bachelor’s of Music in Viola Performance under the instruction of Lila
Brown and Rictor Noren.

As a performer, Colton has performed with several large ensembles and premiered many works in and around Boston, including performing as the principal violist for the Aeon Ensemble's Boston premier and Boston Conservatory's recording premier. He has played with many ballets and theater productions, and enjoys playing music as part of larger
artistic projects. Colton has been teaching since 2021, and develops his private teaching studio alongside teaching in organizations with the goal of giving back to underserved communities.

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