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Hannan Du

Composition/ Music Theory

Specializes in: 

Music Production 音樂製作/ Song writing 詞曲創作/ Music Theory 音樂理論/ Composition 作曲

Described as “Unique and Uncompromising,” Hannan Du is an award-winning Film Composer, Producer, and Multi-Instrumentalist. A native of Shenzhen, China, he is currently based in Boston, MA. 

Hannan is a composer who is keen to fuse different elements and techniques to produce new sounds. As an optimistic idealist, and believes that the world is far more diversified than one thought, his outside-the-box process sets him apart from traditional musicians. His orchestral and chamber works can be heard in both China and the United States, including his 2021 hit-song “Miracle,” which was heavily covered by Shenzhen’s JingBao, Evening News, Economic Daily, Special Zone Daily, and was featured on the YouTube channel of Taiwanese-Influencer NiceChord.

As a veteran film composer, Hannan enjoys helping directors realize their musical ideas through film and imagery. His most recent collaboration with Zhaolei’s “Margie’s Christmas Eve” was the winner for Best Original Score at the 2021 Florence Film Awards.

As well as composing and producing, Hannan is also an aspiring photographer specializes in musician portraits and concert scenes. Hannan hopes that through his lens, he would be able to help musicians capture their best moments both on and off stage.

Hannan holds both Graduate Diploma and Master of Music in Composition from Longy School of Music of Bard College ; as well as Bachelor of Music in Trumpet Performance from Xinghai Conservatory of Music. His mentors include Jay Flood, Amy Beth Kirsten, Alexandra du Bois, and Andrew Kozar. Hannan is currently the director of Monday Music, a New Music Studio that specializes in Production, Recording, and Photography.





杜汉男拥有巴德学院朗伊音乐学院的作曲硕士学位,以及星海音乐学院的小号演奏学士学位。他的导师包括Jay Flood、Amy Beth Kirsten、Alexandra du Bois和Andrew Kozar。目前,杜汉男担任Monday Music Studio的负责人,这是一家专注于制作、录音和摄影的新音乐工作室。

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