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Benjamin Shparber


Specializes in: 

Classical Piano/ Songwriting/ Composition

Benjamin Shparber is a multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, composer, arranger, recording artist, and classical pianist. With parents that fled from the Soviet Union during its collapse, born in Jerusalem, Israel, and raised in a few places in the great United States, he is a citizen of the world before any other place in it. Drawing from his varied and multicultural experience, he creates music that doesn’t fit into any one category; it hails from all of his rich heritage and incredible work ethic to always know more and explore further forward. Never satisfied, his hunger to keep making more music ensures that he is always on the hunt for cool, new, original projects, while continuing to perform frequently, if only to keep his finger on the pulse of music today.

His works are performed in a wide variety of places, ranging from the brightly lit concert hall of Pickman Hall at the Longy School of Music, to dimly-lit and intimate small stages in bars and restaurants. That same hunger to improve makes him need to seek out new places in which to perform, and new moods to be able to personify with his music. A love for challenges keeps him tackling new projects constantly, hoping to keep putting his own brand onto any work for any purpose. To him, no genre can be left untouched, and no type of music is inaccessible.

He holds a Master's Degree in Music in Composition from the Longy School of Music of Bard College in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and two Bachelor’s Degrees in Biology and Psychology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. In the brief moments of free time he has between his life’s works, Benjamin enjoys hiking, playing videogames, cooking, and spending time with his wife, with whom he lives in Watertown, Massachusetts.

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