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Yongji Sang


Specializes in: 

Bel Canto 美声唱法/ Folk Singing 民俗唱法/ Pop Singing 流行唱法

Sang is a highly proficient and dedicated singer, possessing significant academic and practical expertise in vocal performance and music education. Equipped with a strong foundation in vocal techniques, Sang commands a remarkable stage presence and is considered a reliable leader in choral settings. Expressing deep emotions through song has consistently been one of Sang's key strengths.

Sang's training at the Longy School of Music of Bard College and the Wuhan Conservatory of Music has allowed him to showcase musical talents on both national and international platforms. Sang excels in collaborating with diverse teams and remains devoted to making a positive contribution in the pursuit of musical excellence. His recent performances include serving as a guest vocalist for the "Melodies of Nostalgia" concert. He is also the lead singer for the Boston Star Band and a singer at the Pop City Brothers Club.

桑永骥专长于声乐表演和音乐教育,是一位拥有丰富的学术和实际经验的老师。毕业于Longy School of Music of Bard College和武汉音乐学院,从年轻时就活跃于国际舞台,擅长与多元化团队合作,坚持为实现音乐卓越贡献积极的力量。曾受日本大使馆邀请,参加日本高校的巡迴演出,也参加了爱荷华大学的舞台表演交流项目。具备坚实的声乐技巧基础,擅长透过歌曲表达深刻情感,拥有卓越的舞台表现能力,并被视为合唱团领导的可靠人选。


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