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We provide customized video and audio recording sessions, aiming to capture the best and perfect performing shots you need. Quality is our priority.



Our post-production technician will managing the editing and post-production process. Including audio mixing, audio mastering, customizing watermark/ subtitles, color correction, video editing and more.


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We are a group of musicians/ composers/ producers active in the Greater Boston area and overseas. In April 2022, we hold a New Song Concert, all songs are written by young Boston songwriter.


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We believe in providing free consultation services to ensure that you not only receive the guidance you need but also achieve the outcomes you desire. Your success is our commitment, and we are dedicated to helping you make informed decisions that lead to the results you seek.

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Sarah Kiel Violin Recital: Pastoral Poetry

Sarah Kiel Violin Recital: Pastoral Poetry

Sarah Kiel, violin Leyla Zeynalova, piano Saturday, April 13, 2024 | 3:00 pm Pickman Concert Hall Curator Note SolIMS WI ATA! This program of early 20th-century British violin music by Elgar, Vaughan Williams, and Coleridge-Taylor is deeply personal to me. English music speaks directly to my heart, it being an unusual mix of reserved introspection, pastoral beauty, and deep emotion under a seemingly tranquil surface. When doing more research on the pieces I selected for this program, I was amazed to learn how well they connect and relate to each other. They were all written in the same WWI decade, before the war and at its very beginning and end. There is also an interesting connection to famous female violinists of the time. VIOLIN SONATA IN E MINOR, OP. 82 (1918) Edward Elgar (1857-1934) I. Allegro. Risoluto !. Romance. Andante !. Allegro non troppo THE LARK ASCENDING: ROMANCE FOR VIOLIN & ORCHESTRA ARR. FOR VIOLIN & PIANO (1914, rev. 1920) Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958) 012 E VIOLIN CONCERTO IN G MINOR, OP. 80 (1912) Samuel Coleridge-Taylor (1875-1912) I. Allegro maestoso II. Andante semplice - Andantino III. Allegro molto - Moderato Sarah Kiel is a student of Mark Lakirovich. We acknowledge that the Longy School of Music of Bard College is situated on the traditional lands of the Massachusett, Wampanoag, Narragansett, and Pawtuckett nations, among others. We recognize the devastating impacts of colonization, including genocide and atrocities that forcibly displaced them from these lands. We are grateful for their centuries of stewardship and recognize the profound resilience of these nations. Longy is committed to fostering awareness and understanding of this history. Longy is committed to making music available to the broadest audience, offering over 200 concerts each year free and open to the public. Text LONGY to 44-321 to support Longy today! Sarah Kiel, a native of the Boston area, is a modern and Baroque violinist dedicated to making the beautiful, rich history of music relevant to our modern world through performance and education. She is passionate about putting music into the social context of its time by also keeping alive the parallel literary, historical, and artistic traditions. Sarah has had the wonderful privilege of holding leadership positions with various orchestras including The Concord Orchestra, the Harvard Baroque Chamber Orchestra, and Longy School of Music's Orchestra FLEX. Sarah is currently obtaining her Double Master's Degree in Violin Performance and Baroque Violin Performance at Longy School of Music of Bard College. She was very honored marcor to be named Longy's 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 Margot Kittredge Memorial Scholar. Sarah currently studies violin with Mark Lakirovich and Baroque violin with Sarah Darling. She also received her Undergraduate Diploma in Violin Performance from Long in 2022 and her "Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences from Middlesex Community College in 2018. Sarah was honored to be the recipient of Longy's 2021 Margaret Rode Award for Excellence in Solfege and Theoretical Studies. Sarah's pre-college studies included 5 years of violin performance studies and ensembles at the New England Conservatory Preparatory School in the teaching studios of Joshua Peckins, Andrew Kohji Taylor, Julie McKenzie, and Aldo Abreu. Sarah was honored to be the recipient of the NEC Prep Early Music Department Award in 2018. Leyla Zeynalova was born on June 18, 2001, in Baku, Azerbaijan. On July 2022 she received a scholarship to study in the USA as a pianist. Currently she is a graduate student at Longy School of Music in Cambridge, USA. On June 2022 she graduated from the Baku Music Academy named after U.Hajibeyli with honors. Since 8 October 2014 her name was entered in the "Golden Book" of young talents of Azerbaijan Republic by the Decree of the President of Azerbaijan Republic and was granted a Special President scholarship. She is the laureate of international and republican competitions and festivals. She has performed in England Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Latvia, Russia, United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Georgia, and Estonia. Since 2013, Leyla has won international competitions all over the world. Her most recent honor is being awarded the Emerging Artist Award from the St. Botolph Foundation in 2023
Chen Yi - Chinese Ancient Dances 陳怡 中國古代舞曲 Juchen Wang

Chen Yi - Chinese Ancient Dances 陳怡 中國古代舞曲 Juchen Wang

Presented by the Foundation of Chinese Performing Arts and Harmony in Motion. @FCPA @HarmonyinMotion0914 Saxophone:Juchen Wang Piano: Lingbo Ma Dance: Jiayu Zhou Program notes: I. Ox Tail Dance 00:21 II. Hu Xuan Dance 05:07 Co-commissioned by Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, Virginia Arts Festival, La Jolla SummerFest, and Chamber Music Northwest in Portland, OR, the duet Chinese Ancient Dances is written for and dedicated to David Shifrin and Andre-Michel Schub for their national tour and the Alice Tully Hall concert on May 7, 2004, in which the complete work is given the world premiere. The premiere performance is dedicated to the celebration of the 70th birthday of Prof. Mario Davidovsky, one of the composer’s great professors and mentors at Columbia University. The work includes two movements: I. Ox Tail Dance; II. Hu Xuan Dance. It’s said that in the ancient time, there is an ethnic group called Ge Tian Shi. Three people would dance in slow steps with ox tails in their hands, while singing eight songs to praise the earth, the totem of the black bird, the plants, the grains, the nature, the heaven, the weather, and the flourishment of breeding livestock. I got my imagination from the gestures of holding the ox tails and went into the atmosphere of composing the first movement Ox Tail Dance. The pitch material is drawn from an old Chinese mountain song originated in Shaanxi province, called Jiao Fu Diao (A Porter's Song). The second movement is entitled Hu Xuan Dance. There is a poem Hu Xuan Lady written by the famous poet Bai Ju-Yi in Tang Dynasty, who described the Hu Xuan Dance in detail. The energetic dance has continuing fast spinning gestures, introduced to China from the West in the ancient time. I reproduced the image in the second movement, the music is written vividly for clarinet and piano. The pitch material is drawn from ancient Dunhuang music on the Silkroad. Thanks to a request by Prof. Carrie Koffman at the Hartt School of Music, I adapted Chinese Ancient Dances for soprano saxophone and piano, for her to premiere in 2010. 第一乐章:远古葛天氏的乐舞 第二乐章:西域传入的胡旋舞 单簧管与钢琴二重奏《中国古代舞曲》分两个乐章:第一乐章《远古葛天氏的乐舞》和第二乐章 《西域传入的胡旋舞》。此曲获美国作曲家基金会的作曲委约奖金,由纽约林肯中心室内乐协会, 佛几尼亚国际艺术节和加州拉海拉夏季音乐节联合委约并在二00四年先后在三个城市首演。第一乐 章是对葛天氏的乐舞以三人为一组,操牛尾投足以歌《八阙》的想象。第二乐章是对白居易名诗 《胡旋女》的生动的写照。 应Hart音乐学院 Carrie Koffman 教授的请求,我为她改编了高音萨克斯管和钢琴曲《中国古代舞曲》,并于 2010 年首演。 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Video produced by Hannan Du (Jackey) 杜漢男 Monday Music 周一音樂工作室 IG - FB - IG -
Winter Harmonies 心音相鸣公益音乐会


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