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Practice Tools

  • Metronome Work

    • Slow “practice tempo”

    • Acceleration

    • Performance Tempo

  • Isolate Bow techniques

    • Open Strings

    • Air-bowing

  • Isolate Left-hand techniques

    • Finger tapping

    • Partners (home coach operates the bow)

  • Slow practice

  • Count and Clap Rhythm

  • Identify Note Names

  • Repetition

  • Add a Note (working from either front end or back end of passage)

  • Stop&Prepare or Stop&Speak

  • Target Practice

  • Bits and Pieces

  • Compare and Contrast

  • Exaggerated Dynamics/opposite dynamics

  • Sing

  • Mental Practice

  • Play-through…possibly with a recording (to identify practice targets)

  • Create and watch a recording of yourself

  • Listen to a recording (or 2 or 3!) while watching sheet music

  • Play with your eyes closed

  • Pull passages out of a hat

  • Work backwards from the end of the piece

  • Work outwards from the middle

  • Rhythm variations (Bk4+)

  • Bowing variations (Bk4+)

  • Research composer, time period, and other artists of that time / style

  • Listen to other works by the same composer


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