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Yi (Crystal) Wu


Specializes in: 

Classicial Flute 长笛

Yi (Crystal) Wu is an experienced teacher and tutor with all different levels and ages of students from pre-school students to adults.

Besides, she also has various of experience in performing. Crystal has gained experience through roles such as playing the first flute in the film "Dawn" by Skyminer Films in Ohio, which boasts a million views soundtrack. Crystal’s profile is a testament to their passion for music, showcasing a blend of performance excellence, academic achievement, and contributions to the music community, positioning them as a promising musician with a bright future in the field of woodwind performance. Crystal's engagement with music extends beyond academic settings and regional limitation, having performed at the Old Synagogue Concert Hall in Harbin, China, where they introduced the flute as a western instrument, contrasting it with Chinese traditional music. This international experience speaks to Yi's versatility and ability to connect different musical traditions.Yi's dedication to the craft is further evidenced by their contribution to the music community at The College of Wooster as part of the recording crew and as a virtual research assistant, demonstrating a commitment not only to performance but also to the academic and practical aspects of music.

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